As you’re probably aware, the fund-raising platform that we’ve developed at
Veterans Legacy goes by the monicker of Veterans Legacy Patriot Partners. With
the seeming explosion of various right wing groups that have developed in the
last few years that co-opt the term Patriot into their names, the discussion of how
our program would be viewed came up at a recent Board of Directors meeting. A
spirited exchange ensued! The consensus of opinion was that these groups are
stealing a sacred term to gloss over the fact that they are nothing more than
racist bullies absolutely undeserving of any respect or recognition. In fact, it was
deemed a major insult to our service men and women who’ve signed on the
dotted line to defend our country to the death and especially to those who have
died to preserve our rights when this term is denigrated. Recognizing that those
rights are their rights as well is what makes us a democracy. However, it was also
the belief that changing our program name because of these individuals would be
tantamount to a surrender of sorts to these lowlifes. In short, that ain’t
By unanimous vote, the Board of Directors of Veterans Legacy reaffirmed the
name Veterans Legacy Patriot Partners for our fund-raising program. We are
Partners to the true Patriots!! We do…..

Honor the Journey